Nature Mandala Community Project

On Saturday 3rd of February 2018 I hosted the Nature Mandala Community Project. 

For three hours around 50 people came together and together a giant nature mandala was co-created, working alongside local artists Sarah Jane and Jamie Harkins Artist.

The process started by myself, Jamie and Sarah drawing the outlines of the circles in the sand, then people set out collecting materials in buckets. Once collected people would return and begin placing their materials inside the circles to create unique patterns and shapes. The process was organic and collaborative, we had no idea how it was going to look at the end, as it was determined by who showed up on the day and how they expressed their creativity. It amazes me that as individual human-beings, no one else sees the whole the way we do and as a result each individual has their own unique expression. 

Nature mandalas are not only fun to create but are hugely benefitting to our wellbeing. Creating a mandala is a meditative experience, which has the potential to facilitate healing on many levels. It helps us to let go, centre us in the present moment, to relax and connect with the earth and to natural rhythms.

Nature is the ultimate spiritual portal. When we immerse ourselves in nature we realise how small we are and how vast the universe is. This feeling allows us to open up to more gratitude, presence, awe, joy and happiness in our lives.

Photo credits: Esala Airey

The event was one of the initiatives I organised in the local Mount Maunganui community as part of the Global Blissology Project, which took part from January 22nd until February 4th 2018. 

The Blissology Project happens annually and consists of 6 Big Easy Bliss Commitments. Practice these everyday and free yourself of negative thinking and open your heart to fall even more deeply in love with your life. The Commitments are:
1) Yoga
2) Meditation
3) Nature Appreciation
4) Food Awareness
5) Gratitude
6) Wild Card

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Thanks to RedFish Design & Photography for the drone shots

Tara Fowler