Slowing Down

These days the pace of life of fast! When people ask "How have you been?" How often do you find yourself answering "Busy!". We place value on being busy in our society. Busyness is often perceived as getting shit done, and if you get shit done then you are successful. I'm constantly finding myself in this space. Validating my existence in this world by how much I'm contributing and how many activities, people and places I can "juggle" week to week.

My recent trip to Bali taught me many things, but the most important has to be "Slowing the f***k down!" Slowing down is like magic. When we slow down we are able to shift our awareness internally and feel what's really going on inside. We begin to notice things that we may have never seen before. Perhaps tension in the right hip, a repetitive thought, or an unsettling feeling of anxiety in the stomach.

I like to use the analogy of walking or cycling rather than driving a car. When I drive to work, I'm focussed only on getting to work, the destination. But when I cycle, I move at a slower pace, so the journey becomes equally as important. My awareness shifts from the end goal to enjoying the present moment. I become more aware of my surroundings, I say hello to other cyclists, I smile, I'm aware of my breath, I notice things along the way I've never seen before. 

Yoga is a powerful tool which makes us slow down.  

 I invite you to treat yourself with the experience of slowing down. I invite you to look inside and tune in to your inner wisdom. 

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Tara Fowler