Hi I’m Tara, initiator of Tara Spice Creative. I’m a graphic designer and visual storyteller. I combine my passions of well being, conscious business and graphic design to empower people to follow their truth and live their purpose. I work with clients to communicate their gifts, ideas, services and products to the world through branding, marketing strategy print and digital design. 

I believe that design is a vehicle for creating positive change. I love working with people who are making a difference and wanting our world to be in a more beautiful state than it currently is. As Charles Esienstein articulates “Each of us has a unique and necessary gift to give the world and the purpose of life is to express our gifts.”

I have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you share your unique gifts with the world and bring your vision to reality. 

I’m based in Tauranga New Zealand. Working with clients and collaborating with a team of talented creatives all over the world. 

I work with individuals, teams and businesses. Some of my clients include product designers, market gardeners, physicians, yoga teachers, motivational speakers, artists, sustainability consultants, writers, event organisers, musicians, counsellors, builders, herbalists and cafes.

If you are a passionate person I'd love to hear from you!